Team Verification & Check-in

Verify your team online with National Sports ID!

You now have the opportunity to verify your team online using age and grade verification software developed by National Sports ID. As always, we take eligibility very seriously and have joined forces with NSID to contribute to the integrity of the USBA National Championship.

Once your team gets verified you will be able to generate and auto-submit a verified roster online to USBA Nationals. This will assure your players are all verified, your team is in the proper division and you do not have to wait on long lines the day of the event to check player documents. 

What is National Sports ID?
NSID provides a virtual sports photo ID card for your players!

How much does it cost?
The cost is just $10 per athlete per year. Please keep in mind that 100s of tournaments excepts NSID and you can use the player ids at any of them.

How do I verify my team with NSID?

  1. Create coach account.
  2. Create or choose team.
  3. Choose division to play in.
  4. Create team.
  5. Invite players to join.

When should I get my team NSID verified?
The sooner the better. Once you get your team verified it is done for the year and you are now eligible for all USBA tournaments including Nationals. If you need assistance, you have access to NSID’s live chat via

Is it required I verify my player NSID verified?
Yes. The USBA team membership now includes all players age and grade verified. We require all teams to be age and grade verified for the following reasons:

  • Protect the integrity of USBA and safety of our players.
  • No more carrying player documents to events.
  • Avoid waiting on long lines to check team into events.
  • Help us assure all teams are in the proper divisions.