Nationals FAQ’s

Where is the tournament located?

North Charleston Athletics Center, 5794 Casper Padgett Way, North Charleston, SC 29405. Nearby High Schools and Middle Schools will also be used in Charleston, and Mount Pleasant, SC.

Are all games at one location?

Games will be played at Various Venues throughout Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC. Your team will be in the same location all week, and throughout the tournament.

Where can I find the tournament schedule?

We will use the Tourney Machine online scheduling software for USBA Nationals. Links to the tournament schedule can be found on the USBA Nationals website once available.

How do I check my team in for Nationals?

ALL teams must check in ALL players online using our online check-in portal via National Sports ID.

Boys Nationals

Girls Nationals

When does my team need to check-in?

Online check in can be handled anytime between now and July 10. ALL players must be checked in online before that time. Failure to check in a player will result in that athlete being unable to participate in the tournament.

What is required to check-in online?

You’ll want to gather a birth certificate (or state issued ID) AND a report card for all of your athletes. These documents will be uploaded to the National Sports ID site and verified by their trained staff. Once all your athletes are approved, you’ll be considered a verified team and are good to go for nationals!

Is there hotel information for nationals?

Yes, you will find Hotel information on our National Pages here on our website.

How are pools generated for each division?

Pools are randomly generated at USBA Nationals. Once pools are randomly generated, the only deliberate change to a pool would be to separate teams from the same city who may end up placed in the same pool. Diversity in competition is what makes our national tournament special, so we’ll avoid your team having to play against a familiar opponent in pool play.

How many champions per division?

Three National Champions are crowned for each grade division. After pool play, the top teams from each pool will play out of the “National Division”. The next tier of teams will play out of the “American Division”, and the last place teams out of each pool will play out of the “Classic Division” – a champion is crowned for each of these divisions.

Does my team play everyday?

Most teams will start play on Tuesday, however a portion of the tournament field will begin tournament play on Wednesday July 13th. All teams are guaranteed to play a game on Friday July 15th. Friday will start single-elimination tournament play.

What is the cost for admission for games?

  • Adult Weekly Pass (Tuesday Price): TBA
  • Youth Weekly Pass (Tuesday Price): TBA
  • Adult Weekly Pass (Wednesday Price): TBA
  • Youth Weekly Pass (Wednesday Price): TBA
  • Adult Daily Pass: TBA
  • Youth Daily Pass: $TBA

Upon paying admission fee, each spectator will be issued a wristband to gain access to the Event Halls. Nobody will be permitted to enter the playing area without a wristband worn on their wrist (no exceptions). Weekly passes must be worn on wrist for the duration of the tournament, broken or lost wristbands must be repurchased.

Admission fees are to be paid in cash only.

Youth is considered Ages 6-17. Ages 18 & up will be considered Adult. Ages 5 & under are free.