Team Membership & Age Verification

USBA’s membership includes an NSID Team Verification for our regular season tournaments! Simply click the link here, create a coach account and create your team.
All teams participating in the USBA National Championships must be verified through NSID.

Help us protect the integrity of our tournaments and promote fair play by getting your team age/grade verified with National Sports ID. NSID takes the hassle out of submitting and reviewing birth certificates, passports, state id’s and report cards so your players can prove their eligibility and make sure your team is in the proper division.

Getting your team verified is mandatory for the USBA National Championship. 

Benefits of our new Membership/Verification

  • Protect the integrity of USBA by following our eligibility rules.
  • No more carrying documents to events.
  • No more waiting on long lines check your team in at events.
  • Your verified team roster will be submitted online.
  • Coaches get a free team management platform.

Parents or Coaches Must Upload Players:

  • Clear Head Shot Photo.
  • Birth Certificate, Passport or State ID.
  • Report Card, School ID or Progress Report.

Create Team → Invite Players → Get Team Verified

USBA Practice Insurance (Optional)