Why play USBA?

USBA is a basketball only organization. Our staff includes former players, coaches, and administrative professionals. We all share a commitment to broadening opportunities for boys and girls who are interested in the game of basketball. We offer top quality tournaments, camps, and clinics nearly year-round with no hidden fees or excessive costs. Our main priority is to see that young men and women, in grades 2nd-12th, get a chance to play basketball in a highly competitive, rewarding, and positive environment.

How do I find out about USBA tournaments in my area?

All of our tournaments will be listed at, click here to view our Tournament Map.

How do I start a USBA Team?

Click here for suggestions on starting a travel basketball team. Once you establish your roster, you'll need to join USBA by submitting your one-time, non-refundable membership fee of $49.00. You'll then be eligible to compete in any USBA sanctioned event.

Do all of our team players have to be from our area?

No. Players can be from anywhere as long as the coach chooses that player to participate with his/her team.

What do I need to bring to a USBA Tournament?

  • Birth Certificates for each athlete
  • Report cards for grade verification
  • Parental Consent Form for each athlete
  • Team Roster to be submitted at check-in

How much can I expect to pay for admission prices at the door for USBA Regular Season Tournament?

Admission prices may vary from tournament to tournament, however you can expect a Weekend Pass to be approximately $12-$15 and a Daily Pass for approximately $5-$10. Youth prices are also offered. Children 5 and under are always free at USBA Tournaments.

When is the deadline to register for a USBA Tournament?

The deadline to register for ALL USBA Tournaments (except USBA Nationals) will be the Sunday before the event at midnight. Teams withdrawing from a tournament after the tournament deadline will not receive a refund of the registration fee.

Will my team be permitted to add additional players to our team for the National Tournament?

Yes! As long as ALL players are included on your official roster, all players are present at check-in, and all players meet eligibility requirements. Once tournament play begins, teams are not permitted to make roster adjustments.

Why are tournament entry fees different from location to location?

USBA uses many facilities throughout the country. Costs for each facility are different in each area. Referee salaries and administrative salaries also vary in different locations, therefore registration fees are adjusted accordingly.

Does USBA offer Multiple Team Discounts?

Yes, your organization can take advantage of registration fee discounts if bringing multiple teams to a USBA Tournament. See below for discounted rates:

  • 2 Teams: 5% off registration fee                                    
  • 3 Teams: 7.5% off registration fee                                 
  • 4 Teams: 10% off registration fee                                  
  • 5+ Teams: 15% off registration fee

How many referees will we have for each game?

Two (2), with the exception of semi-finals/championship rounds of USBA Nationals in which there will be three (3) certified officials on the court.

How do we qualify for the regional and National Tournaments?

In order to qualify for USBA Nationals, Boys team must have played in at least two (2) USBA regular season tournaments or participated in an automatic qualifying event.  We do accept at-large bids to nationals, although at a very limited basis.  Email to apply for an at-large bid to Nationals if you didn't play in two USBA events.

Girls teams do not have a qualifying process to enter USBA Nationals; all Girls teams are eligible to register.

Where do I stay during my tournament event?

Accommodations are the responsibility of each team. Participating hotels will offer a discounted USBA rate throughtout the regular season. Visit each tournament page to view any partering hotels. For USBA Nationals, please click click USBA Nationals at the top of the page to navigate to view all participating hotels for our National Championships.

When will I know my schedule for the tournament I'm participating in? Where can I view the schedule?

Tournament schedules will be posted online normally by the Tuesday (or 3 days) prior to the weekend tournament. You can click here to view the tournament schedule page - or hover your mouse over "Tournaments" at the top of the page, "Tournament Schedules" will then appear in the drop down menu.

Are awards presented at the tournament?

Yes. The championship team will receive a team award & each member of the tournament champion will receive an individual award.  The runner-up of each tournament will receive an individual award.  Types of individual awards may include a medallion, trophy or t-shirt. 

Some tournaments may not receive awards and if so will be noted on our website.

Can I volunteer to help at a USBA event?

Volunteering at USBA events can be a rewarding experience. We are in constant need for highly motivated people to help out. Please email us if interested in being involved with the United States Basketball Association.

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