Team Check-In

Verify your team online with National Sports ID! 

You now have the opportunity to verify your team online using age and grade verification software developed by National Sports ID. As always, we take eligibility very seriously and have joined forces with NSID to contribute to the integrity of the USBA National Championship. 

What is National Sports ID?
NSID provides a virtual sports photo ID card for your players!

How much does it cost?
For USBA Nationals, it's FREE for your players to obtain a verified National Sports ID! You must enter Coupon Code: usbanationals to receive your free Nationals Sports ID.

How do I verify my team with NSID?
Coaches, you'll start by creating your free account with NSID. From there, you'll add your players and establish your roster. Parents can then create their account and submit all of the required documentation (and headshot) for NSID to review and verify.  

When is the deadline to verify my team using NSID?
The deadline to verify your players online is Friday, July 14. If you need assistance, you have access to NSID's 24/7 live chat via

Is it required I verify my players online using NSID?
While it's not required to use the NSID online player verification, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of all the benefits of getting verified online (photo ID, avoid check-in lines, cut down on paperwork, show up ready to PLAY!, etc). If you do not verify your team online using NSID, please see instructions below on how to manually check in your team in-person.


Can I still check in my team in person?

Yes, you can still bring your players to our designated check-in location (Room 217) within the Charlotte Convention Center. To check in your team in person, please bring ALL of your players to team check-in area, along with a birth certificate and report card for each player. Athletes are not allowed to take the floor without having been checked in by a tournament official.


Convention Center Check-In Dates/Times:

  • Tuesday, July 18 (12:00pm-9:00pm - Room 217)
  • Wednesday, July 19 (8:00am-9:00pm - Room 217)

Note: All teams who do not verify online using NSID must check in before their first pool play game at USBA Nationals.

Note: If your team is verified online, your coaches must still come by Room 217 to receive complimentarty coach's bands.

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